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We are a branding and sponsorship agency
working with leading brands worldwide

We connect high-end brands with high-profile events, properties, rightsholders and projects, serving sport and entertainment, along with clients in industries ranging from fintech to fashion. We are based in Los Angeles and London.

We create bespoke brand experiences; onsite, online, mobile. We specialize in brand partnerships and sponsorship activation. We incorporate the latest social and digital media tools to engage brands with audiences, both live and online.

What we do?

Create powerful campaigns to attract sponsors

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Some Fun Facts About Our Industry

Avg No of Tweets/Day
in Millions
Smart Device Owners
using Second Screen
Time Spent on Mobile
Global Sponsorship Spend
in Billions

We help high-end brands/sponsors protect their investment
and high-profile events/properties find partners/sponsors

Who we are?

Look for us as “iSponsor” everywhere

Although we were founded in 2008, we have over a decade of experience in the event and venue/property marketplace within the sport & entertainment arena. Over the past several years we have amassed a great team and partners who work with us to design, provide and implement interactive and digital solutions for our clients. We also have a vast network of high profile contacts, as well as strategic alliances with ad agencies and interactive marketing channels, both in the United States and throughout Europe.

We’ve done business with various high profile clients, including Dick Clark Productions and Golden Globe Awards®, The Recording Academy® and GRAMMY® Celebration, both for over 10 years, along with MTV Movie Awards, Breeders’ Cup, American Idol, Teen Choice Awards, Country Music Awards, numerous Movie Premieres and After-Parties, Concerts, Sporting Events, Football Clubs, Sport Stadiums, Sport & Entertainment and Retail Complex, Fashion Industry, Brand Launches, Corporate Functions, as well as interactions with Universal, Paramount, Disney, Live Nation, Clear Channel, Occidental Petroleum, and Volkswagen America, among others.

A glimpse of events and industries we’ve worked with
representing forward thinking brands and clients

Brands and Industries
Automotive Groups
Airlines U.S. and International
Corporate Jet Companies
Banks & Financial Services Corporations
Credit Card Companies
Electronics & Musical Instruments
Luxury Fashion & Accessories, Watches, Jewelry
Athletics & Sports Equipment
Technology Companies
Travel & Hospitality and Real Estate
Event, Venues, Properties
Live Event Concert & Entertainment
Live Event Venues/Properties
Movie Studios, Film & TV Production Companies
Red Carpet Award Shows and Parties
Celebrity Brand Ambassadors
Brand Launches and Corporate Functions
Brand Experiences & Engagement
Experiential Marketing
Sport Clubs and Jersey/Shirt Sponsorship
Stadiums & Properties and Naming Rights

The most effective solutions require
a good mix of combined skills and qualities

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