Golden Globe Awards 2011… The Aftermath



I went to see a party, and an award show broke out… After being inundated by all the Golden Globes news, are you experiencing a post-traumatic syndrome caused by Golden Globe withdrawal for the past few hours? Probably not! But in any case, here’s my recap of the annual self-serving gala of film and television all in one place at The Beverly Hilton. Presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), produced by Dick Clark Productions, and televised by NBC.

Here are some of the pictures I took (all rights reserved) of the preparations, behind the scenes, red carpet arrivals, a few of the dresses, and yes, celebrities, as well as the ever important after-parties that you won’t find anywhere else, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Check out this story of Paul Giamatti charging $5 for each picture taken with him. I got one of him taking a picture of me. Guess what Paul.. I charge $10. So you owe me $5. 🙂

You have to admit, once you get past the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I don’t just mean the dresses, there were some surprises, including the Ricky Gervais ‘planned’ disappearance act, after he had a few, barbs and drinks, in a room full of no strangers of the longest happy hour in Beverly Hills. I did notice a few men wearing dark suits and dark shades accompanying him to the basement of the Hilton, apparently not for a wardrobe malfunction. However, it was a relief that he was able to escape the wrath of HFPA bullying him into greater ratings or else. Heck, if you can’t make fun of yourselves, you have no right to have fun, period.

Only the invited guests (nominees or presenters and their entourage) are allowed in to the ‘IBR’ International Ballroom, where round table seating followed by dinner and drinks give way to handing out a few ‘golden’ awards. The speeches are often slurred, and in some cases outright scary. You’d think some of these actors need a script even when thanking everyone and their pet peeve. Some even try to cover up their insecurities by attempting to enjoy their table mates, I mean mind their table manners.

Once you’re in the Beverly Hilton and attend the award show, you’re entitled, depending on how many guest lists you’re on, to go to one or several of the in-house parties, immediately following the 8PM local time end of the live show. The lobby and the elevators are full of who’s who of entertainment. Then comes the reinforcements. The arrivals of the other celebrities who couldn’t attend the show, and who just happen to be in town. Between 8 and 10PM, non-stop flow of foot traffic coming into The Beverly Hilton for the after-parties. HBO probably has the best location for their party, alongside the pool and the cabanas, and the InStyle/Warner Bros party is a close second although they’re hidden in the corner of the hotel somewhere. Let’s not forget FOX. They decided they were going to set camp at the old Robinsons-May lot across from Merv Griffin way, away from the hotel compound, complete with fiery flames, and the hugest tent I’ve seen this year. Thank goodness for iPhone apps directing people to where they need to go I guess, if you don’t count the millions of times people ask, ‘Where’s the so and so party being held again?’ One thing for sure, everyone loves the free drinks and the hors d’oeuvres, undoubtedly better than what they just had at the ballroom. And the decor is absolutely amazing, and unique for each one. Very creative indeed. Even some of the sponsoring brands went to great lengths to seem interactive. Yet the only engagement they were able to accomplish was the fact that they were there, and had their name plastered all over the walls, in Godiva’s case, literally. You can peel of the chocolate balls off the hanging paintings. I alone was probably responsible for rearranging some of the masterpieces. 🙂

By the way, another observation. Besides the usual suspects, FBI, undercover officers, and a ton of overt and covert security, including rooftop snipers, it seemed as if the entire Beverly Hills Police Department was in full force at The Beverly Hilton. It’s an ongoing joke that if you’re ever going to speed 100 miles down Wilshire Boulevard in your red Ferrari, do it on Golden Globe Sunday, since all the cops will be at the Hilton.

Overall, it was a good day, and night, for me. This is my eighth appearance, and I have yet to be recognized by the good folks at the HFPA. Not even nominated for the most appearances without any (serious) incidents. Oh well, maybe next year! … Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.