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Web Summit 2014 – The Aftermath

Nov 11 2014

What do you get when you attract 22,000 people from over 100 countries under one roof? Chaos? Actually, the organizers, along with…

Event Technology and Sponsorship

Aug 31 2014

Technology is ever-evolving; that is a fact. Although all of this rapid change can be quite confusing, it is also proven that all successful events…

Sponsorship Spending vs Investment

Jul 20 2014

Brands nowadays are looking to “spend” less, expect increased ROI, and most importantly receive meaningful and measurable engagement with their niche audience.…

Co-Branding Gone Wrong: Confused Engagement

Apr 02 2014

Co-Branding Gone Wrong: Confused Engagement couldn’t be a more apt title for this blog post based on a recent personal experience with…

Sochi 2014 Sponsorship and Engagement

Feb 25 2014

According to Engagor, Visa topped the list of sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics who had the most brand mentions, as well…